Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Being their for each others and helping people that you care for

Being their for each others and helping people that you care for.

Their were a bunch of boys called David, Ben and Musharraf. They got bored of
playing in the play ground, so Ben had an idea. “He said to his friends, if we can go to the park together”. So we ran as fast as a cheater to the park to play heaps of the amazing games like playing rugby or climing on a cool ladder going up and down “Ben said lets start with rugby and then climing the going ladder up and down”. “We said ok replied” Matatia and David. We played rugby and it was Ben vs David and Matatia was the referee because he was to beautiful to get tackle from those dirty boys but their my friends. After that Ben got a try and David was crying because he wanted to get a try but he diden’t so he went for alone time by himself Matatia went up to him to see if his alright but “Ben said to leave him I will talk to him by myself”. Ben went up to him if he wanted something to eat and David said yeap sure lets have fish n chips and Ben said ok he called Matatia to come and have a feed with us but Matatia its ok I’m going home to have dinner with my family and Ben said ok take care of your self and Matatia said the same thing to Ben and David.

When Ben and David got to the fish n chips they heard a gun shot at pack in save they quickly duck under the table and quickly ran to the door and the guy with the gun accident shot David and the guy with gun went up to him and he put his hoddie down and its was Matatia.

The End


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