Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Prep Market.

Screenshot 2016-12-08 at 12.44.41 PM.png
Who: The Wolf Pack

When: 13 of December, Tuesday.

What: For kids to enjoy.

Why: So we can sell our product.

Where: RangikurSchool

Our small cans are 20 prep dollars and the big cans are 40 prep dollars. So come and buy some cans so you won’t lose your stuff.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Review

Title: Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters.
* What Iike about this book?
Author: Rick Riordan
My favourite part of the book is when he said “My nightmare stared like this. I was standing on a deserted street in some little beach town.
Illustrator: Know one
*What I didn’t like about this book?
Story line: It’s not easy being a half-blood these days. You mortals can’t even see the monsters we have to fight all the time. So when a game of dodgeball turned into a death match against an ugly gang of cannibal giants.
I don’t hate it I love this book because it’s really interesting and cool to read about.
*Favourite character and why?

My favourite character is Percy Jackson because his a half boy, half god and all hero, that’s why I loke him. Also I love to watch his movies because it’s cool.

* Would I recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because it’s really ineresting to read also it’s a really good book to read to your parents, friends, teacher and brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Olympics Artwork

Screenshot 2016-09-22 at 9.58.05 AM.pngThis is me and my olympics art work. At the back of me is my tessellations, we had to use triangles, squares and hexagons, I measured up a triangle sides that were 3.8 cm to make a hexagon. But I used hexagons and triangles because those shapes (polygons) fit each other. (But if it has a gaps in it that means it’s not a tessellation).

When I had to choose a picture in google, I had nothing because everyone choose the good ones. So I choose this on because he had a medal on his neck. When I look at my medal, it felt like it’s was me, God choose me, I was the one.

Also their are speech bubbles and the thought bubbles, speech bubbles are the similes and the thought bubbles are the metaphors.

In the border are the 3 values Friendship, Respect and Excellence, also the medals, they are bronze, silver and gold.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hong Kong S.T.E.M challenge 2

Screenshot 2016-09-06 at 2.15.46 PM.png
Materials that we used:

6 x long sticks
1 x  wooden square
2 x pipe cleaners
2 x straws
1 x 1m ruler
11 x plastic cubes
1 x bunch of popsicle sticks
4 x wooden small flat pieces

Challenge #1 - Build a structure with a cube as the base:

Screenshot 2016-09-06 at 2.24.49 PM.png
Screenshot 2016-09-06 at 2.26.53 PM.png

This challenge I thought that it was difficult because we only got to use one single cube to hold everything on top! We were all shaky, but we made it.

Challenge  #2 -  Build a structure as high as you can on a base.

Screenshot 2016-09-06 at 2.30.19 PM.png

This challenge I found was easy because we didn’t need to use one block as the base. The only worries that we had was that it kept on breaking, then we made it, but because we had a time limit the last 5 seconds we had, it got knocked over by Musharraf on accident.

Challenge #3 -  Build a structure with something that balances off the side of it:

Screenshot 2016-09-06 at 2.33.04 PM.png
Challenge 3  was really hard because we had to make something stick out on the side so we tried to make a mini machine gun but the last five seconds that we had, it broke down because we were all shaky.  

Names:  Maria, Musharraf, Matatia

Monday, September 5, 2016

Moment In Time Week 7

Today our teacher asked us to write a ‘Moment In Time’ piece using a picture of a boy in the water.  We planned as a class to make sure we had the 5 W’s and the 6 Senses.  
Before we began our writing in small groups we discussed the importance of using descriptive writing, using similes and metaphors where appropriate, using dialogue and have done our best to make sure our punctuation is correct.  Some of us have even used ‘Show Don’t Tell’ in our writing to provide our reader with more of an experience.

Our teacher gave us 10 minutes for each paragraph and then 10 minutes for editing at the end.  We had so much fun working together!

If you have a moment, we would love you to comment on our writing.  

Boy Overboard!

In the Morning Jack was fishing with his father he went to see the beautiful view. He leaned over the side just in the wrong time as the wave hit the boat. He fell into the icy cold water, Jack was screaming for help “HELP” he saw some sharks teeth chattering under the water. He yelled at his dad for help but the dad was listening to some music. So Jack quickly swam to the boat, but the dad went to put the engine on and went of, so Jack screamed as load as a lion "HELP"

I can hear the sharks grinding their teeth together and the finn bobbing up and down.  Jack’s heart was pounding as fast as a bolt that is shrinking earth..  Jack  screamed for help “HELP” yelled Jack and then he saw  Sharks coming towards him.  Hi was terrified from the skanks that are gazing in front of them.

Jack along with other shark’s smelled the petrol which bring the sharks to the boat and gave Jack time to escape from the area of sharks.  He quickly swam away from the sharks and swam to the other side of the boat but will he be fast enough to save his life?...  

Written by Matatia, Va’aitino and Izzy

I think I shared helpful ideas for my group and helped a lot to share my knowledge to give people

I think we did good because we shared ideas to each others. I did good because I had to type well my friends gives me some amzaing ideas and also punctuation I love my moment in time.


I think i shared good and helpful ideas to cooperate to my ideas and to my buddys ideas.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Being their for each others and helping people that you care for

Being their for each others and helping people that you care for.

Their were a bunch of boys called David, Ben and Musharraf. They got bored of
playing in the play ground, so Ben had an idea. “He said to his friends, if we can go to the park together”. So we ran as fast as a cheater to the park to play heaps of the amazing games like playing rugby or climing on a cool ladder going up and down “Ben said lets start with rugby and then climing the going ladder up and down”. “We said ok replied” Matatia and David. We played rugby and it was Ben vs David and Matatia was the referee because he was to beautiful to get tackle from those dirty boys but their my friends. After that Ben got a try and David was crying because he wanted to get a try but he diden’t so he went for alone time by himself Matatia went up to him to see if his alright but “Ben said to leave him I will talk to him by myself”. Ben went up to him if he wanted something to eat and David said yeap sure lets have fish n chips and Ben said ok he called Matatia to come and have a feed with us but Matatia its ok I’m going home to have dinner with my family and Ben said ok take care of your self and Matatia said the same thing to Ben and David.

When Ben and David got to the fish n chips they heard a gun shot at pack in save they quickly duck under the table and quickly ran to the door and the guy with the gun accident shot David and the guy with gun went up to him and he put his hoddie down and its was Matatia.

The End