Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Matariki celebration


Kia ora my name is matatia and this is my friend Musharraf. me and my buddy were working on our Kites. We did a video how to measure the toetoe so we can cut it in 3 parts. After we cut it we went to get the wool there were colours like red, White, Purple and Black. Me and my buddy were tieing the wool on our kite. And the colours we chose were black, white and red. after we finish we had to do it in the sides so it would be more better tie it up really hard. So we told Miss Hills that we were finished and she gave us a black paper so we can do our art on it. So me and my buddy were thinking of drawing a koru for matariki. After finish drawing we had to colour it in. we were finished and then we had to use a glue gun to glue it to our kite. We said to our teacher that we were finished so we took a photo.

The easy part was that I did my best to do this. And the hard bit was that I had to tie it was really had to do so people helped me like my teacher and Kapree. My goal was to try to work with my buddy and to help people that are stack. Matariki is a special Celebration for the seven stars. In New Zealand we use Whanaungatanga and Manaakitanga to share ideas and  to talk to people help people and to take care of people. We do this so we can protect people from evil. This photo was made from our school Rangikura. Our whole school were working on Matariki. We made Kites because it’s like the Kites are the seven stars in the skys. 

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